KYIV MEDIA WEEK presents exclusive analytics of the Ukrainian audiovisual industry – KMW White Paper

The KMW 2021 White Paper has already been released! In the summary document of KYIV MEDIA WEEK, you will find five analytical studies and reviews of the current state of various aspects of the Ukrainian TV, film, and digital market, conducted specifically for the Forum by Media Business Reports.
The White Paper contains the first in Ukraine comprehensive study of the local series production sphere, demonstrating its evolution in the last 5 years; analytical review of one of the most promising sectors of the media market – VoD-platforms; a large-scale study of theatrical releases and festival history of film projects produced with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency since 2014. In addition, you will learn about the most popular content among the leading broadcasters and the defining TV viewing trends in Ukraine.
You can get the KMW White Paper for free by registering at the link.

«Our goal is to provide industry players with comprehensive market analysis to understand the coordinate system of the media business and find growth points. And we’re glad we can make all the research accessible to all. For  the second year in a row the KMW White Paper is a guide across the current trends in the audiovisual industry of Ukraine and a tool for shaping business strategies for the year. We are responsible for the accuracy of information and quality of analytics, in which we specialized for 15 years,» – Kateryna Udut, CEO of Media Resources Management (MRM).

«Five studies and reviews conducted for the KYIV MEDIA WEEK White Paper by MBR and MRM provide the professional community with up-to-date exclusive data, a basis for understanding the significant changes in the Ukrainian TV, film, and streaming services industry. By the way, I think it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the first such a complex and, hopefully, successful attempt to outline and analyze the main trends and prospects of Ukrainian OTT platforms – a young, actively developing market that remains a mystery in many respects,»Anna Davydova, editor of special projects at Media Business Reports and editor of KMW White Paper.
KMW 2021 White Paper analytical research and reviews:

1.  Series on Ukrainian TV – the first comprehensive study that will present a complete picture of the production and screening of the series in Ukraine in 2015-2020. The research covers several different criteria – it will determine the most in-demand series durations and genres among Ukrainian broadcasters and which of them "work" best on the air. The study must demonstrate the evolution of the industry over the past five years. 

2. The TV Viewing Trends research will analyze the air of TOP-6 TV channels – covering both general statistics and each broadcasters’ programming grid separately. It will also show what types of content (shows, series, movies, etc.) the TV channels are betting on and their competitive edges.

3.  Wish list of Ukrainian Broadcasters – an annual analytical review based on interviews with the executives of top Ukrainian TV channels and media groups. Thanks to this study, market stakeholders will receive detailed and up-to-date information on programming strategies, production plans, the most popular content of the leading broadcasters, and the defining trends of air in Ukraine.

4. Investment in Ukraine’s Film Production – the first large-scale study of film projects released since 2014 with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency. The research covers about 250 titles of various genres, winning the Agency’s Competition since 2014. The results of the study show the indicators of the film box office for the general audience and the festival history of independent films.

5. Ukrainian VoD Market – the review is based on in-depth interviews with top managers of leading Ukrainian streaming services. Since the beginning of quarantine restrictions in Ukraine, they became more popular than ever, which coincided with the worldwide rise of VoD. Today the platforms are transforming from content repeaters into important players in the industry. The analytical review will characterize the current state of the industry in Ukraine and the dynamics of its development, taking into account various factors. It will also address the burning issue of the readiness of local platforms to produce the original content.

The document is already available in both Ukrainian and English.
«This year, the KMW White Paper focuses on the Ukrainian audiovisual content market. While continuing to explore the television and film industry, for the first time, we investigate OTT platforms. We provide our readers with comprehensive information on what is produced, where it is broadcast, who finances it, and how it is monetized. For this study, we conducted a series of research on domestic television (namely, monitoring of the most popular types of content and program strategies of the largest TV channels). In the context of cinema, we focused on the effectiveness of state support for the industry, and in the OTT market review, we identified its key trends. Next year we plan to deepen and expand research in these areas», Anastasiia Rakhmanina, chief editor at Media Business Reports.

The 11th International Media Forum KYIV MEDIA WEEK 2021 took place on September 14-15 in a hybrid format – the events were held live with a limited number of guests at Hyatt Regency Kyiv and with a live broadcast on the analytical media resource Media Business Reports (MBR). The two-day KMW program included 18 sections: 10 panel discussions, presentations of five analytical studies, two special presentations, a screening of trendy shows, and a party. This year, KMW brought together 70 experts from 15 countries and 300 participants who talked about restarting the media business in the "new normal".
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