Series Production in Ukraine – let’s analyze and discuss at KMW 2021

On September 14 at 12:40-13:30 KMW brings together Ukrainian producers and analysts to talk about the most dynamic segment of the content industry in Ukraine – drama production.
How did the industry change over the past few years? Which experiments and collaborations have been efficient, and which have failed? What talents does the industry need now, and how can the young and desperate integrate into the industry? Who stands behind the most successful releases? Which dramas were unexpectedly successful, and which did not live up to expectations? These are only some of the issues the experts will discuss during the special session Series Production in Ukraine, being held with the support of the Ukraine TV channel.

Artem Vakalyuk, head of the analytical department of the media consulting company MRM (the initiator and organizer of KMW), will make a report outlining the series production situation in Ukraine over the past five years. He will present a study conducted in collaboration with Media Business Reports (MBR) – Analytics of Ukrainian TV series.

This is the first time a study of this magnitude is being conducted in Ukraine. It will present a complete picture of the production and screening of the series in Ukraine from 2015 to 2020. The research covers several different criteria – it will determine the most in-demand series durations and genres among Ukrainian broadcasters and which of them "work" best on the air. The study will demonstrate the evolution of the industry over the past five years.

Speakers taking part in the panel discussion:

Natalia Strybuk is the Chief Producer of Ukraine TV Channel Scripted Content Production Department. Her filmography includes more than 60 feature films and series. The most successful projects were the TV series The Last Moscal, Let's Kiss, Doctor Kovalchuk, Man without a Heart, and others.

Kateryna Sheveliuk, Head of tv series production, TV channel STB, Ukraine.

Iryna Kostyuk is a producer of FILM.UA Group and a member of the European Film Academy. During her 20-year media career, Iryna was involved in various projects: television, film distribution, animation, digital. The producer's portfolio includes the most successful Ukrainian comedy film franchise Crazy Wedding. She was a co-founder and director of the first Ukrainian media consulting company – Media Resources Management also held the position of general producer of the TET TV channel.

Daria Leygonie-Fialko is a TV producer, media manager, now general producer, and founder of SPACE Production, which creates Ukrainian and international series like Trace, Unfaithful, and The Blind Woman for STB, Water Policefor Ukraine TV channel. Working as a general producer of television projects at Star Media, she worked on such well-known shows as Maidan's and Narodna Zirka. After that, Daria was the host of two national TV channels TV-3 and СTС for ten years. During this time, the broadcasters' projects received several awards, including TEFI, and Daria was named one of the most promising young media managers.

Artem Vakalyuk, the head of the analytical department of Media Resources Management (MRM), will moderate the discussion. He worked as a correspondent and later as a media columnist for the Markets department, he is the author of the weekly Media column of the daily business newspaper Ekonomichni Visti. Co-owner of a portal about media and advertising. Author of more than 1.5 thousand articles, reviews, and publications on media and advertising topics, a professional copywriter, managing the analytical publication Content Report.

Within the discussion, the speakers will focus on the drama production, changes, reasons, and prospects for its development. In particular, they will discuss the volume of content production and distribution via local and international channels. The speakers will also talk about new forms of partnerships and sources of funding – cooperation with online platforms, goals, and opportunities of broadcasters in terms of production costs.

Ukraine TV Channel is the country's leading national TV channel and a long-standing partner of KMW. According to the results of the first half of 2021, it ranks 1st in the ranking of national channels by main audiences – 18+ (cities 50 thousand +), 4+ ("All Ukraine"). For the audience of 18+ (50 thousand +), the share of the channel was 12.66%, the rating – 2.16%, and for the audience of 4+ ("All Ukraine"), the share reached 11, 71%, rating – 1.84%. The TV channel presents various genres of television content: new programs, social talk shows, TV series, entertainment projects, football broadcasts. The channel's program grid is based on series of various genres, and the channel is actively developing the direction of major prime-time shows. In 2021, the premiere of The Masked Singer show had great success. The channel is successfully developing international content distribution: its shows and series are now available in more than 100 territories and on Amazon.

In addition, the KMW 2021 program includes several sections dedicated to the drama production – Come Together! Eastern European Drama panel discussion, Evolving Ukrainian Drama panel discussion, and a drama series case study (the topic will be unveiled soon).

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A full analytical review will be available in KMW 2021 White paper, the final document of the Forum, summarizing the results of research from international and local agencies conducted specifically for KMW. All registered KMW members will receive the document in October 2021. Learn more about the KMW White paper.
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