VoD Landscape. Analytical overview and discussion on one of the most dynamic and promising segments of the media market

On September 14 at 14:30-15:10, KMW invites to join the VoD landscape: The new dynamics session organized in partnership with Glance Mediametrie (France), an international consultancy providing content and audience insights for global professionals in the media industry.
This session will provide exclusive insights and VoD ratings coming from Glance Mediametrie 4Screen and OneTVYear reports. The reports allow the speakers to picture the main trends defining the VoD market development and witness the current power shifts. For example, the last few months have been marked by high peaks of TV consumption and a strong increase in daily streams. Plus, many newcomers entered the VoD market, shaking up hegemonies. The presentation will be delivered by the company experts:

Siméon Mirzayantz, International Sales Manager at Glance – Mediametrie (France). Has 15 years of professional experience in media, in France and abroad: Ministry of Europe and foreign affairs, French Institute, Mediametrie, Film and television production companies. He is an expert in cultural and audiovisual domains (cinema & TV, digital arts, live performance, contemporary music, books, visual arts).

Cécile Bertrand, International Research Manager at Glance – Mediametrie (France). She oversees international TV & online series monitoring service NoTa, and its team of Research Executive. She also manages reports, ad-hoc requests, conferences on global TV, online content trends, 4-screen, and digital topics. After some experience in broadcasting and media companies, including the M6 Group and the Canadian start-up Seevibes, she reinforced her expertise in media consumption, TV and digital content trends.

Right after the analytical report, the session will be enriched with the expertise of European market representatives. Mezen Dannawi, Manager of NPO Start, BVoD service of the broadcaster NPO (Holland) and Anna Iwinska-Nowak, Head of Customer Insight at TVN Digital S.A, for the BVoD service Player.pl of the broadcaster TVN (Poland) will join the panel discussion and comment on the following questions: how do local streamers conquer the global VoD marketers? What are their strengths and weaknesses in their territories? What collaborations and formats succeeded in winning the audience? What innovations do emerging streamers bring to the market? Should big platforms customize their comprehensive strategies considering the growth of the locals? What are the latest successful approaches of the players from both sides of the barricades? 

KMW participants will learn all this and even more from the experts performing at the panel discussion on September 14th.

Glance, a brand of Mediametrie, is a provider of Content and Audience Insights for global media professionals in the television and media industries. Glance is the specialist of international TV markets and a leading provider of official TV ratings for over 7000 channels in more than 120 territories and insight analyses based on global expertise. Glance tracks the latest TV and online content and trends in more than 50 territories.

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This event is organized with the support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of the organizers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

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