A European perspective on the government support for the drama series production

The golden age of TV drama, which we are all experiencing both as viewers and creators, makes the field of strong competition, but also of great opportunities. Good content requires a high level of financing, which is often a challenge for producers.
On September 15 at 16:30-17:10, a special report on Public funding for drama series in Europe will be presented at KMW. Special guest – Ilann Girard, co-founder, and CEO, OLFFI – the world's largest and unique database on public funds and incentives for film, TV, new media, shorts, and more covering over 1000 programs and incentives in 95 countries as well as their relevant regulations and co-production treaties.

Ilann Girard will cover the public funding for drama series in Europe and the benefit of qualifying as an EU co-production. He will also talk about the terms and limitations for receiving the support and describe the projects that have more chances to get ahead in specific territories. The audience will learn about the conditions needed for a successful partnership and bringing large production companies to their countries. Join to learn everything a modern producer needs to know about new changes in legislation and production trends in Europe.

Former General counsel of Pandora Cinema, Ilann Girard set up ARSAM – a one-stop consultancy and production operation based in Paris, and then founded Olffi.com, the largest database and toolbox for public funding around the world. He has produced more than 20 feature films and his credits include March of the Penguins, Goodbye Bafana, Lebanon, and more recently Stanley Tucci's "Final Portrait" and Alla Kovgan's 3D feature dance documentary "Cunningham".
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